NEW! Perfect Shape Youth Serum&Treatment

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We’re excited about the arrival of Spring and the long awaited launch of the Perfect V-Shape Youth Serum & Professional Treatment.

The Perfect V-Shape range is an outstanding representation of SOTHYS science and technology coming together in the development of an inspired range to preserve a youthful face shape and decollete.

From the cheekbones to the bust, this treatment has been specially designed for those who want to preserve the youth of their face shape and décolleté. For men, this treatment can be perfectly adapted to target double chin concerns. A professional treatment in 3 stages: exfoliate, massage, double-mask. This treatment has a double mission to offer a tightening and toning effect.


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Hydra 3Ha Hyaluronic acid™

24.02.2016 What's New

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New from Sothys!

Hydrating programme Hydra 3Ha Hyaluronic acid™

Is your skin in need of hydration?

Then check out the new cutting-edge ultra-hydrating treatment and home care at your favourite Sothys clinic or spa.

Sothys Advanced Research team have uncovered exciting new self-hydrating aspects of the patented 1055 boletus extract in the formula…

this discovery is unveiled in the release of Sothys pro-youth hydration programme with 3D hyaluronic acid.*
Moisturised and protected skin will always appear visibly younger and stands up better to the test of time!


– Hydrating Intensive Treatment: 1hour 15mins of multi-layered hydration! ( $120 at I Rejuvenate salon ) 

This exceptional treatment has been specially developed to meet the hydration needs of all skin types: a detailed six-step protocol, exclusive Digi-esthétique® application techniques, and the latest generation of active ingredients for optimum hydration.
Results after just one Treatment! Skin looks plumper, visibly younger!

No treatment has ever been so effective!**


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New Sothy’s Sensitive Skin Line

30.03.2015 What's New

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60% of women have sensitive skin, do you ?


All skin types can be affected, even normal skin can become sensitised occasionally. The new Spa Thermal Water range has been specially formulated to visibly make life easier for all sensitive skin day after day :

 Fragrance free and hypoallergenic, Sothys new range with Spa™ Thermal Water* has been specially formulated to be extremely gentle on delicate and sensitive skin. Ultra calming active ingredients combined with Spa™ Thermal Water* allows Sothys to meet the demands of sensitive skin types:

1. Protects . . . . . . against external aggressions by optimising the skin’s natural barrier function, with the selection of two specific active ingredients:
– Soya phospholipids to help the skin protect itself against external aggressions.
– A hydrating complex, to optimise the synthesis of filaggrin protein, for optimal barrier function and to maintain skin moisture levels.

2. Soothes . . .. . . signs of discomfort (redness, tightness, irritation, sensations of heat . . .)
– Blue ageratum leaf and brown algae extracts soothe and limit the production of inflammatory messengers at cellular level.**
– Red algae extract reduces inflammation and limits the appearance of visible signs of skin discomfort.

3. Balances . . .. . . Spa™ Thermal Water* combined with complementary active ingredients provides a lasting reduction in skin sensitivity:
– Wild jasmine leaf extract diminishes cellular hyper-reactivity responsible for sensations of skin discomfort.**
– Tetrapeptides reduce the activation of epidermal receptors.**
– Boldo (also called Chilean mint) extract helps maintain the cutaneous microbiome or skin flora essential for skin balance and health.

Find out about the professional institute treatment at :

And all Sothys products for sensitive skin at :


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New New New !!

29.10.2014 What's New

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High Performance Clinical Skin Care.

High Performance Clinical Skin Care.

Sothys Cosmeceutique RX range has been designed to activate cell rejuvenation and energetic capacity as part of Sothys holistic approach to skin management.
The exciting new range includes a Clinical Glysalac peel, a professional treatment combining AHA’s and bHA’s to revitalise, smooth and regenerate the skin.
A range of home care support includes a new Glysalac Skin Prep Cleanser with refining Hydroxyl acids and a series of DERMOBOOSTER SERUMS based on Retinol, Vitamin C or Hydroxyl acids.
These three Dermoboosters form part of a program of products prescribed for individual skin concerns and are used at night to target skins showing signs of premature ageing, hyper-pigmentation, thickening or clogging.See your SOTHYS therapist for a program that best responds to your individual skin needs.

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The new Eye Contour Range has now arrived !

30.10.2013 What's New

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christmas eye special



( With the multi- action Eye Contour Cream in home application only )


( With the Anti – puffiness Roll- on applicator in home application only )


( With the Dark Circle Eraser in home application only )





マルチ・アクション アイ・コントゥール クリーム (multi- action Eye Contour Cream)

実験結果: 1ヶ月このクリームを使用後30%のシワが減少


アンチ・パフィネス・ロール ~目のむくみ用 ~(Anti – puffiness Roll- on)


実験結果: このロールをつけた後1時間後には、26%のむくみが取れることが、証明されております


ダークサークル・イレイザー ~目のクマ用~(Dark Circle Eraser)



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New Sothys Cleansing range

21.10.2013 What's New

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Sothys core philosophy of thorough preparation of the skin through 3-phase cleansing, exfoliating and enzyme bio-cleansing, is reflected in their new range of essential cleansers with new formulas containing actives from natural sources, paraben-free and in modernised packaging with exquisite textures to suit every skin type.
There are new cleansing milks and lotions as well as a new eye makeup removing fluid.  The exfoliating products include a more efficient (granule free) Gommage and a magical Micro-Gel Peel for gentle dermabrasion. Enzymatic deep cleansers include Morning Cleanser or Desquacrem for most skin types with Desquacrem Forte and Purifying foaming gel to efficiently target deeply clogged skin.

More Details on : Sothys cleansing products


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New! Sugaring Hair Removal

17.10.2013 What's New

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~~~~Sugaring hair removal~~~

– A virtually pain free eco friendly hair removal

– Attaches only to the hair – not the skin

– Longer lasting results than waxing – without the pain

– Safe on varicose veins and spider veins

– unclogs pores whilst being safe on itchy – eczema skins



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