New Sothy’s Sensitive Skin Line

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60% of women have sensitive skin, do you ?


All skin types can be affected, even normal skin can become sensitised occasionally. The new Spa Thermal Water range has been specially formulated to visibly make life easier for all sensitive skin day after day :

 Fragrance free and hypoallergenic, Sothys new range with Spa™ Thermal Water* has been specially formulated to be extremely gentle on delicate and sensitive skin. Ultra calming active ingredients combined with Spa™ Thermal Water* allows Sothys to meet the demands of sensitive skin types:

1. Protects . . . . . . against external aggressions by optimising the skin’s natural barrier function, with the selection of two specific active ingredients:
– Soya phospholipids to help the skin protect itself against external aggressions.
– A hydrating complex, to optimise the synthesis of filaggrin protein, for optimal barrier function and to maintain skin moisture levels.

2. Soothes . . .. . . signs of discomfort (redness, tightness, irritation, sensations of heat . . .)
– Blue ageratum leaf and brown algae extracts soothe and limit the production of inflammatory messengers at cellular level.**
– Red algae extract reduces inflammation and limits the appearance of visible signs of skin discomfort.

3. Balances . . .. . . Spa™ Thermal Water* combined with complementary active ingredients provides a lasting reduction in skin sensitivity:
– Wild jasmine leaf extract diminishes cellular hyper-reactivity responsible for sensations of skin discomfort.**
– Tetrapeptides reduce the activation of epidermal receptors.**
– Boldo (also called Chilean mint) extract helps maintain the cutaneous microbiome or skin flora essential for skin balance and health.

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