Yes, Spray Tans are available here now !!

No more Orange !  No more sticky feeling ! No Alcohol !

No Parabens ! Odor Free !

The world ‘s first 2hr wash and wear spray tanning solution made in AUSTRALIA !


All Natural ingredients give you the most natural spray on tan possible in just 2hrs.

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 Before  the spray tan

It helps the tan spread and develop evenly and the tan could last longer !!

My recommendation : Exfoliating mitts or  gloves ( riffi mitts are great !)

Naked Tan Walnut Body Polish 

  • Any waxing or shaving should be done at least 12hrs before
  • Couture : wear loose , dark colored casual clothing. Cotton fabric is the best choice. Wear a dark G-string/ bikini bottom ( alternatively, disposal G-string is available in salon)

After the spray tan

  • Ready to wash your spray tan after the 2 hour time frame with our fabulous Tan’s organic body cleanser SLS Free. ( alternatively soap free cleanser such as QV and Cetaphyll range at pharmacy or supermarket)
       *Remember :Quick shower are best. Soaking in the bath will loosen the skin              cell and the tan sits in the top layer of the skin.
          * SLS : detergent which strips skin & come out Tan easily .
  • Please do not keep products ( after spray tan) on for longer than 4 hours. Do not sleep in it. Sleeping can cause patchiness. Once the tan is washed off, the spray tan will keep developing for a future 12hours.
  • Please do not apply facial tinting, oil or petroleum base products as these will strip and streak the tan.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize !!!!     Apply Naked Tan creme de la crem ( moisture lotion ) every day to hydrate your skin and give your tan longevity.
  • Activities
You should not swim, exercise or do anything that may cause them to sweat or get wet ( e.g. wash dishes) until you had a shower, following the 2hours period after the tan has been sprayed.
  • Apply the Naked Tan NEW Goddess Glaze ( gradual tan ) to build and extend the longevity of your tan.